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Currently Closed 


We are currently closed due to a fire we experienced in 2020. Our opening date has been postponed due to material shortage. Our estimated opening month is late September. As soon as we have an opening date we will post it on our website & send out an e-mail. Please subscribe to our website to receive an e-mail on opening date. Thank you for checking in & for your kind messages through these challenging years. We appreciate you & hope the wait was worth it! We have many new exciting things to share & hope to see you very soon. 

Mezontle Fire

On Monday November 2, 2020  Mezontle caught on fire at 4:21 am, luckily, no one was inside but the damage is severe enough to put us out of business for months, perhaps even a year. For the past 25 years we never closed. We didn't close during the 2008 recession, we didn't close during the pandemic, we never closed no matter how difficult things got. When the pandemic hit, we built a patio. We didn't have enough money to hire a big company to make a pretty patio for us, but we had our family & our community help us. Our customers, neighbors, friends, cousins, brothers, uncles, aunts, moms, dads, all contributed to our patio. Family & customers donated plants, our flooring, shading, wood, paint, & time. We were so ready to take on this pandemic & fight through it. If we had a kitchen we wouldn't have closed, but unfortunately, these are the cards that we have been dealt but it's okay. It's part of our story. Sooner than later we will be back in business, serving our customers, with a HUGE smile on our face. We are devastated but prepared for the new chapter in our journey. Meanwhile please subscribe to stay updated. See you soon!  

El lunes 2 de noviembre de 2020 Mezontle se incendió a las 4:21 am, afortunadamente, no había nadie adentro, pero el daño es lo suficientemente grave como para dejarnos fuera del negocio durante meses, tal vez incluso un año. Durante los últimos 25 años nunca cerramos. No cerramos durante la recesión de 2008, no cerramos durante la pandemia, nunca cerramos, por muy difíciles que se pusieran las cosas. Cuando llegó la pandemia, construimos un patio. No teníamos suficiente dinero para contratar a una gran empresa que nos hiciera un bonito patio, pero nuestra familia y nuestra comunidad nos ayudaron. Nuestros clientes, vecinos, amigos, primos, hermanos, tíos, tías, mamás, papás, todos contribuyeron a nuestro patio. La familia y los clientes donaron plantas, nuestros pisos, cortinas, madera, pintura y tiempo. Estábamos tan listos para enfrentar esta pandemia y luchar como el infierno. Si tuviéramos una cocina no habríamos cerrado, pero desafortunadamente, estas son las cartas que nos han repartido, pero está bien. Es parte de nuestra historia. Más temprano que tarde estaremos de regreso en el negocio, sirviendo a nuestros clientes, con una GRAN sonrisa en nuestro rostro. Estamos devastados pero preparados para el nuevo capítulo de nuestro viaje.

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