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virtual tip jar


What is it? How does it  work?

Our virtual tip jar is an electronic payment using Paypal where you can leave employees at Mezontle a tip via our website. All tips are split evenly between our Mezontle members. If you wish to tip a specific employee directly please fill out the form below after you make your donation & they will receive 100% of your tip. You also have the option to leave an employee a message! 

100% of tips will be given to Mezontle employees.


Our employees are like family. Most of them have worked with us since we opened in 1995. They have stayed with us during some of the hardest economical times and are still with us today, taking orders with enthusiasm and a smile on their face, working hard to assure you receive the same experience as if you were to dine-in. Our servers' tips have significantly decreased - by over 75% - due to the lack of dine-in orders, and most have been let go from their other jobsSince our  employees can not accept tips through GrubHub, Postmates, or any other third party site we currently use, we've set up a virtual tip jar where customers can tip directly! Customers now have the access to tip our employees online & 100% of the tip will be divided among our employees who are currently staffed: Ivanna, Cruz, Mari, Pepe, Jose, & Dhanyaal. If you wish to tip an employee directly please fill out the form below. Thank you for helping us support our Familia.  

We will get through this 

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To leave a Mezontle employee a direct tip, please fill out the form below after you make your donation.  

Thanks for submitting!

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